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Date: 18th September 2015
shrink sleeve labeling machine VTB-150 Fully Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

1. SUS304 stainless steel body as a full-face ,inside the main structure through the use of treated aluminum oxide ,to ensure that the intemal structure of the body and does not rust , effectively extending the the service life of machinery .
2. Unique cutter design , cut mark smoother ,quick and easy blade replacement
3. Linear center guide post ,in case of a different bottle ,the quick-change tooling ,label loading easy ,guided to sende more stable
4. Frequency control sub-bottle body ,conveying the bottle more stable ,can be very precise with other agencies to maintain good coordingation and synchronization
5. Nointermittent brush marking system to ensure the accuracy of the target set more accurate .
6. According the standard electric eye amplifier combined with the tail ,cutting target to ensure the maximum zero error
7. Stand -alone agency for materials ,label position can be adjusted
8. Man -machine control box ,easy to learn easy to operate ,mechanical failure occurred when the operation can be accurately displayed on the touch screen beause for the shortest time to the shortest time to resolve faults quickly resume production .