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Date: 18th September 2015
semi automatic filling machine Semi Automatic Explosion-proof Paint Filling Machine

Explosion-proof Paint filling machine is Used to fill paint, Coating, ink, bitumen, lubrication in the fields of Oil Industry, refine chemical and so on.
1. Exlosion-proof paint filling machine has fast and slow filling valves, which keep filling speed and precision.
2. Widely filling range and the accuracy is ±10g/barrel.
3. Filling nozzle adopts anti-leak device, air-free in the filling material.
4. Feeding and filling automatically, equipped with pneumatic capping part.
Component and work theory:
1. Explosion-proof paint filling machine is composed of filling system, weighing system, frame, capping system, control system, non-power roller and pneumatic control system.
2. Material Feeding mode: continuous feeding (by pump or hopper)
3. Feeding system provides material fast and slow filling through cylinder by solenoid valves.
4. Filling mode: normal or insertion (choose by customer)
5. Weighing System contains weighing bracket, sensors and weighing platform (connected with non-power roll, frame and filling system).
6. Pneumatic control system controls fast and slow filling valves.
7. During weighing process, except the material please do not add extra force to the balance, so as to make sure the weighing precision. You can change the height of filling nozzle by handle on the top.
Standard equipment:
Homemade meter (Lien in Wuxi) Sensor (Mettler Toledo)
Buyer offers feeding pump: outlet’s pressure is 3-5Kg,flux≥16m3/h