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Date: 18th September 2015
VMD Automatic Mechanical Palletizer

he palletizer arrange the loaded carton container to put on the tray by a certain code. automatic stacking, stacking multilayer , then launch, easy forklift transport to warehouse storage. This equipment uses PLC + touch screen control, intelligent operation management, simple and easy to learn. Significantly reduce staff and reduce labor intensity of labor. With a highly stable, space-saving design concept. Using the split-off board, faster, much more space-saving. Adjust quickly, Do need to worry about replacing the stacking products.
Scope: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, barrels packaging, bag packaging.
ouch screen operation to achieve human-computer dialogue, the production rate can be displayed, the cause and location of the high degree of automation. Adopts PLC programmable sorting stacking cartons, pallet supply and discharge procedures can be programmed into the control.
CMC produced by the Japanese chain has good abrasion resistance, high precision, stable transmission characteristics.
Germany FESTO and Taiwan CHELIC, Japan SMC pneumatic components manufactured cartridge cylinder, quality and reliable performance.
Security door, cover with electrical sensing , when the cover door is opened, the machine stops, so it can be with the protection of personnel.
Adjustment of stacking convenience, simple and can be performed on the touch screen. Stacking stable, efficient and can greatly save manpower.