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Date: 18th September 2015
300L Cream Vacuum Emulsification Mixing Machine

1. Working capacity from 50L to 10,000L.
2. Suitable for cream and emulsion viscosity 50,000-80,000 cps
3. Variable speed for homogenizer (0-3500r/min) and agitators (10-70r/min)
4. Production cycle reduction compared with VTE-ZRJ series of vacuum emulsifying mixers with perfect particle size of 2 micrometers and evenly distributed
5. Bottom homogenizer with pipes for emulsifying, homogenizing and discharging finished
 product while wall scraper and two fixed propellers with holes for contra mixing
6. Vacuum system designed to avoid air bubbles during mixing and dust problem of powder product
7. Different jacket at option for heating by steam or electricity, cooled by water
8. Pre-treatment mixers designed for oil-base and water-base material
9. Easy cleaning and maintenance guaranteed by oil hydraulic lifting system
10. Equipped with a spray ball to connect CIP system
11. Parts contacting material are made of SS316L and 300 MESH polished
12. Push button control panel and touch screen control panel are at your option
13. Finished product discharged by compressed air
14. Comply with GMP regulations and CE certified for European market